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PAU Guidance for sites and students

March 19, 2020

Dear Practicum Trainees and Training Directors,


In an attempt to answer your questions in the most efficient way possible, we are providing additional information and clarification following our announcement of March 16, 2020 to doctoral trainees and practicum training site directors and supervisors. 

  • At this time, students should not participate in-person at their practicum’s physical site. Sites that are able to do so should assist students in moving to teletherapy including by phone or video.
  • As a reminder, supervisors and students do not need to be at the same location during the time the student is providing services.  Supervisors must, however, be available by phone or other means for all hours that the student is providing services.
  • We are currently gathering resources on telemental health practices to share with students and sites. 
  • PCAF student assessments are due tomorrow March 20th for PhD students.  We understand that these may be late due to the recent developments.  However, they are still required for students to earn credit for this quarter's work so please complete them as soon as possible.  Supervisors should take into account the totality of the quarter's work when rating students.
  • Students must use the teletherapy platform as directed by their sites.  As of now, the PAU Zoom platform can only be used for remote treatment of external practicum patients if and only if a formal agreement has been established between PAU a9.nd the external site.

Regarding student hours:

  • Sites are not being held to contracted direct contact hours or total weekly hours for practicum trainees. There is no need for new or updated contracts at this time.
  • Supervisors who are interested in helping students find new ways to earn intervention hours (e.g., taking on new telemental health clients) are encouraged to do so. Options for support activities include distance didactics, supervision, research, writing up integrated reports, or other projects.  It is not required that sites fill all of a student’s contracted hours. However, students should expect to be in regular contact with their sites.
  • Given that students nationally will be experiencing a dip in hours, students should not be overly concerned about earning contact hours at this time. It is encouraged that students focus on dissertation or research, with the potential of freeing up time later for clinical work when trainees are permitted to return to sites.
  • Students should continue to record all hours, including telemental health hours, in Time2Track.  Time2Track will adjust categorization of telemental health hours as needed.

Town Hall Discussions:

  • We are preparing to hold another Town Hall for students in community placements this week as we gain more understanding about the new shelter-in-place restrictions.
  • We will also offer a Town Hall discussion for sites if it appears that would be useful.


PAU will be continuing to send updates as new information or guidance arises.  Please also see the Palo Alto University Coronavirus Resources Page for updates.

Warm regards

Dr Peta


Jayme L Peta, PhD
Associate Director of the Office of Professional Advising and Development
Assistant Professor
Palo Alto University
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