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PAU Continues to Respond

March, 27, 2020

Dear Students:

Welcome back from spring break! We have put together a list of important and new information we are sharing with you about PAU’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Financial Assistance

If you find that your financial situation has changed as a result of the current circumstances, please reach out to the Office of Financial Aid to see what assistance may be available. Current support options may include:

  • For  students who qualify for financial aid, the Office of Financial Aid will work with you to see if additional aid is available  This is the best and quickest option for most of our graduate students, and some of our undergraduates with immediate financial need.
  • PAU is currently conducting a fundraising campaign to support a Student  Emergency Fund that will provide small grants to students with immediate demonstrable financial need for daily living expenses (housing, utilities, food, etc.).  Funding is limited, but we will do our best to help every student in need.
  • PAU continues to offer emergency loans for students who need immediate assistance.  Before recommending an emergency loan, the Office of Financial Aid will ensure there is no additional funding available through the previous two options.

Paying Your Spring Tuition

PAU understands the financial strain that students are currently experiencing throughout our community.  That said, it is critical that all students who can pay their spring tuition do so as soon as possible. PAU relies on  tuition dollars to fund our high-quality education, as well as the additional support our community needs at this time. Graduate student spring tuition was due March 2. (The one exception is students starting the MA in Counseling Program this spring.)  The due date for undergraduate student tuition is April 1. If you need to make payment arrangements, including setting up a payment plan, please contact the Bursar.

It is critical that all students who can pay their spring tuition do so as soon as possible.

Virtual Office Hours

In addition to setting up appointments to meet (remotely) with faculty and staff, students can access both their faculty and PAU staff through virtual drop in office hours.  Due to privacy concerns, most remote open office hours will be set up with a waiting room, so please be patient if there is a wait.

Clarifying Travel Information

  • University Related Travel: PAU has suspended all university-related travel for the time being. This is in effect for all members of the PAU community.

  • Personal Travel: Santa Clara County, where PAU is located, remains under a shelter in place (SIP) order.  Many other locations around the US and the world where our students study, train, and conduct research are under similar travel restrictions.  PAU strongly discourages both domestic and international personal travel at this time. Things to consider if you decide to travel at this point for personal business.The area you are travelling to could experience an outbreak and implement a quarantine, and you would not be able to leave that area until the quarantine is lifted.

  • Travel restrictions may be imposed on returning to the SF Bay area at the time you want to return.

  • Consider health insurance coverage at your destination – will you have insurance coverage in case you are sick?

  • Are you able to be flexible in case your travel in either direction is delayed – in coursework you may be enrolled in, or work you may be doing?

  • Consider purchasing flights or other parts of travel, such as hotels, that have flexible cancellation policies. The extent to which different airlines or other companies are reimbursing purchases varies tremendously.

SHIP & The Coronavirus

The following message has been shared by Relation, the broker PAU works with for Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP):

  1. If you need to be tested for coronavirus: Your health plan will cover the costs for doctor-ordered COVID-19/coronavirus testing with no copay or deductible, including at out-of-network facilities if an in-network provider is not accessible.

  2. If you contract coronavirus: Your health plan will provide coverage for COVID-19/coronavirus treatment the same as it would any other illness.

Virtual Programming & Events

For the time being, all student events at PAU will be held remotely.  If you are planning an event, please be sure to have the zoom information available with the promotion material.

Student Activities, part of the Office of Student Affairs, will be offering PAU Engage online events.  PAU Engage will be a series of supportive group sessions over the next few weeks.  These are not clinical or therapy groups, rather they will be more like supportive group sessions where students can discuss concerns and learn from other students about strategies they are using to cope during these stressful times.  This will also allow Student Affairs folks to hear directly from students about the needs they have. While mostly unstructured to allow the participants to direct the conversation, the facilitators will have particular topics ready to go to encourage conversations.

For example, next Friday, April 3 at 12 noon, Dean Sheaprd will be facilitating a supportive group for students who are parents, and the unique stressors they face during this time.  Please join via this zoom link next Friday if you are interested.

PAU Library

The PAU Library has moved completely online in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and shelter-in-place restrictions. They are providing the following information to ensure you all can find the PAU Library online and receive our assistance when needed.

PAU Library Website
Library services are readily available online through the PAU Library website. For easy access to our website, please bookmark this link, which is also available at the bottom of the PAU website and most PAU web pages.

PAU Library Policies and Services During the COVID-19 Closure
This guide highlights changes in our policies and services due to the COVID-19 closure. You will find it linked at the top of the PAU Library website. Please bookmark this guide and refer to it for current information. It will keep you updated on critical topics like these:                            

  • How to troubleshoot issues with access to online resources.
  • How outstanding loans are being managed.
  • Ebooks that publishers are providing free of charge online for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19, including the old and new editions of the APA manual. 

PAU Library COVID-19 Contact Information

Please get in touch via email if you need anything or have a suggestion. They are here to help.
Emails regarding interlibrary loan (ILL) should be sent to
Emails regarding all other Library matters should be sent to

Hang in there everyone.  We can get through this together.


Thom Shepard, M.Ed.
Dean of Students

Palo Alto University-Allen Calvin Campus
1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA  94304
Office: Building 3, Room 353
Phone: 650-433-3814

"Courage Not Courtesy" -Kamala Harris