Rosie Mejia, Research Assistant at I4Health & Latinx Task Force

September 14, 2021

Having the opportunity to attend the M.S. program at Palo Alto University is a decision that I’m still grateful for today. During my first year, I was a caregiver for my dad while also working part-time as a Lab Manager at the UCLA Language Acquisition Lab. The program gave me the flexibility to support my dad during a difficult transition in his life while still being able to financially support my academic endeavors.

Now entering my second year of the program, I’ve found more opportunities to become more involved in research and community-based work. I currently work as a research assistant for the i4Health Palo Alto University’s Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health. This role allows me to use internet-based interventions to provide education and service to individuals at a global scale regardless of their geographical location, culture, preferred language, or social-economic status. Being part of the Latinx Task Force facilitates my ability to advocate for Latinx students just like myself to ensure that they receive adequate support in funding, educational opportunities, mentorship, and professional development.


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