Alumni Spotlight: Sheila Park

April 20, 2020

 B.S. in Psychology and Social Action, Class of 2020

Why PAU?
When I took my first psychology class in community college, it really resonated with me. Psychology encompassed an empathetic understanding of helping others and it had scientific appeal. When deciding between Palo Alto University (PAU) and a UC school, it was ultimately PAU’s two-year cohort model and quality graduate psychology program that really made a difference for me. I wanted an undergraduate connection with the psychology graduate program because it might be easier for me to continue my studies.
What stood out?
I really enjoyed my experience at PAU because the cohort model allowed me to get to know a lot of different people and feel a deeper connection with my classmates. You could tell the staff and faculty really cared about the students and were willing to help them out. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for all of the faculty who were willing to give me the opportunities that pushed me forward. So I'm truly grateful for that. Dr. Lisa Brown took me under her wing and connected me with a graduate student. We had put together a research abstract where I was the first author. It got accepted by the Western Psychological Conference to be presented as a poster. 
What’s next?
I got accepted to PAU’s PhD program in Clinical Psychology. I am very excited and happy to start in the fall. I am very interested in studying complex trauma and the possibilities of post-traumatic growth.