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PhD in Clinical Psychology: Student Advising

PhD Academic Advising Center (PAAC)

Mission Statement

PAAC is a space where PhD in Clinical Psychology students can schedule appointments to speak with advanced students when uncertain about any aspect of academic progress at Palo Alto University (PAU). PAAC aims to support students towards thriving academically and professionally in the PhD Program.

PAAC and Other PhD Program Resources

The primary source to answer questions about PhD Program requirements is the PhD Student Handbook. This website is a searchable repository of information meant to supplement the Handbook. Students can schedule 20-minute appointments at PAAC for consultation with a more advanced student on topics such as options for academic support at PAU, curriculum requirements, and program expectations to advance to candidacy. PAAC follows an empowerment model in which PhD students are provided with the information needed to make effective decisions and take productive actions while navigating the academic experience at PAU.

How PAAC Can Help

Students may contact PAAC for any number of reasons! Whether encountering difficulties in the program, determining various services or support, or seeking to enrich the graduate student experience, PAAC may be a useful resource for current students. PAAC is designed primarily for first and second year students, but more advanced students are also welcome to schedule appointments to discuss academic progress and challenges. Having trouble in a particular class? Can't figure out how to balance the demands of graduate school and self care? Looking to get involved in more activities? Want to hone your clinical or research interests? Interested in leadership opportunities but not sure where to start? These (and more) are all questions for which we can help you develop a plan!

Current students can learn more about PAAC services by visiting the PAAC Google Site.