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Waiving Out of SHIP

If you have other coverage that meets the waiver criteria, you may decide to waive your enrollment in SHIP. You can submit a waiver by visiting and scrolling down to the “Waive SHIP” option. You’ll need your student ID from the portal in order to log in to the waiver portal. Keep in mind that if you have other coverage (e.g. Medi-Cal) and do not waive SHIP, maintaining coverage through PAU's health plan may impact your eligibility for and enrollment status in your existing health plan.
If you waive out of SHIP by the October 15 deadline and your waiver is approved, your waiver will be in effect for the entirety of the academic year and no further action is necessary. Incoming students in Winter, Spring, and Summer will be asked to adhere to the waiver deadlines below as applicable to their first quarter at PAU.
Waiver Application Deadlines
Annual 2017-18/ Fall: 10/15/2017
Winter: 1/15/2018
Spring/Summer: 4/15/2018
Students who do not submit a waiver application by the deadline date stated above will be automatically enrolled in and charged for SHIP.
Waiver Criteria
If you wish to waive SHIP because you have other insurance, benefits under that plan must include all of the following: 
• Coverage must be continuous (no break or termination) for the entire policy year; 
• Maximum benefit must be unlimited; 
• Deductible must be $2,500 or less per policy year; 
• Coinsurance levels must be 80% coverage in-network and 60% coverage out-of-network; 
• Medical Evacuation benefit must be a minimum of $50,000 per policy year (international students only); 
• Repatriation benefit must be a minimum of $50,000 per policy year (international students only); 
• Claims must be paid by a U.S.-based company, and underwriting company must be owned, operated, and headquartered in the U.S. and must be in full compliance with all applicable federal laws. Your insurance coverage will be verified.
If you submit a waiver to Ascension and receive notice that it has been denied, please complete a Waiver Appeal Request Form. Completed forms should be submitted, along with proof of insurance to Thom Shepard, Director of Student Services, at


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