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PAU Running Group

Team Captain: Danielle Schultz
Team Captain: Sarah Markuson
Faculty Advisor: Tilman Schulte, Ph.D.

The PAU Running Group was developed to unite those involved with running, jogging, and other related aerobic and/or exercise activities at PAU within one organization. We actively promote positive methods for self-care by focusing on the principles of a healthy lifestyle which contribute to overall physical and mental wellness. The group is a source of community-based fellowship, support, and mutual interest, with an emphasis on the development of personal skills and abilities. We advocate for mental health awareness and services, connect with other professional organizations, and join together in fun and fitness throughout the academic year.



1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Phone: (800) 818-6136 Fax: (650) 433-3888





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