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Healing, Spirituality, and Social Action Group (HSSA)

President:  Sholeh Salimi
Vice President: Nicole Strauss
Treasurer/MA Liaison: Anna Rumin
Secretary: Kevin Rodriguez
Public Relations Coordinator: open
Event Coordinator:  Anna Freedland
Staff Advisor:  Lynn Waelde

HSSA is a student organization dedicated to raising awareness and meaningful dialogue among psychologists about the growing evidence of the benefits of spirituality to mental health, and to bridge the divide between spirituality and the field of psychology. We are committed to nourishing the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional well-being of PAU students by organizing spiritually-themed round-table discussions, speaker events, field trips, informal dialogue, and opportunities for service and social action. We hope to illuminate how psychology and human wellness can learn and grow from the wisdom of diverse spiritual traditions, and to encourage the community to become more sensitive to spirituality in clinical practice.

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