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Student Services

The Office of Student Services serves the non-academic needs of Palo Alto University students from the time they decide to attend PAU to the day they graduate and beyond. This includes assisting international students, students who request special accommodations, as well as planning new student orientation, commencement, and special events for current students and alumni.  Feel free to also ask us about resources in the Palo Alto/bay area community.

Thom Shepard
Director of Student Services - Provides the overall direction for the Office of Student Services; oversees clubs
 & organizations and student leadership development.
Main Campus Bldg 1 Office 106
Phone: 650-433-3814
Ana Castrillo
Associate Director - Student ADA Accommodations, special events, community resources
Main Campus Bldg 3 Room 334
Phone: 650-433-3836
Lisa Harris 
Associate Director - International Student Services, housing questions
Main Campus Bldg 2 Room 215B
Phone: 650-433-3851
Kemper Mitchell
Director - Alumni Services
Main Campus Bldg 2 Room 215
Phone: 650-433-3835
Katherine Fortune
Student Activities Manager - supporting student clubs and councils, student leadership development
Main Campus Bldg 1 Office 106
Phone: 650-433-3814


1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Phone: (800) 818-6136 Fax: (650) 433-3888





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