Find Tests

Finding Tests, Measures, and Instruments

Finding tests, measures, and research instruments requires a multi-step process, because a test may be published by a commercial publisher, or it may be freely available from the authors, or it may be published only in a journal article or book.

To find a test, measure, or instrument:

PsycTESTS is a repository for the full text of psychological tests and measures as well as a rich source of structured information about the tests developed by the American Psychological Association.
to see if the test is available in the PAU Library. After you enter the test name, look on the left side of the page and under Format and All Formats, click on kit, and it will refresh to show you test kits If it is available in the PAU Library, and then you can ask for it at the Library circulation desk.
Look for web pages where the authors of the test have posted the test or a request form for the test on their website, or look for a website on which the measure is being sold by a commercial publisher or by the author.
4) Check a book that we have in the PAU Library in the Reference section called Measures for Clinical Practice
(Call number REF BF 176.C66 2000) -- it has some tests printed in their entirety with scoring instructions.
If a test is published by a commercial publisher, this step is usually unnecessary because if it were published you probably would have found the publisher's website for the test in step 2. But if you don’t know what test to use for a particular symptom, disorder, or characteristic, then this can be a good way to find tests or measures. Mental Measurements Yearbook also provides psychometric data on commercially published tests. If you find a test here, look in the PAU Library catalog to see if it is available in the PAU Library.
If you haven't found it in the previous steps, do a PsycINFO search for a particular test, or if you are searching for tests that measure a particular symptom or disorder or other characteristic, search using the following search (this search uses depression as an example), with the parentheses included:

(test or measure or assessment or scale or questionnaire or survey) and depression

You'll need to skip first down to the oldest results to see if the authors published the complete measure in the article in which they first described the measure (they usually do not). If you find the article in which the measure was first described, but they don't include the measure itself, get the name and email address of the authors and email them to ask for a copy of the measure.
If you don't find the original article describing the test, look at full text articles that use the test and find the reference to the test to get the authors names and then do a Google search for the authors to get an email address for them and email them or use the reference to get the original article to get the authors' email addresses.
If you find the author's name and email address, email the author and ask for the test and the scoring instructions, explaining that you are a doctoral student in clinical psychology and need to use the test in your research.
If you cannot locate a test or measure, contact the PAU reference librarian for further assistance.