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Dissertation Services

For assistance with dissertation formatting requirements, see the Reference Librarian Scott Hines.

There is a Dissertation Handbook and an MS Word Template that explain all of the dissertation formatting guidelines. Use the template as a guide while writing the dissertation as it provides various examples of headings, tables, and other elements in the required APA 6th style and it also provides a structure that has the tricky preliminary page numbering built in. Both the Dissertation Handbook and Template are available at the Ph.D. and the Psy.D. program websites on Google Sites at:

https://sites.google.com/a/paloaltou.edu/phdoffice/dissertation/dissertation-forms for the PhD program

and at: 

https://sites.google.com/a/paloaltou.edu/pgsp-stanford-psy-d-consortium/dissertation for the PsyD program.

After you have defended your dissertation and have made your final edits, send the Word document of your dissertation to Bonnie Miller and she will send your dissertation to the library who will check your dissertation for proper formatting at no charge to you. Once they have checked the dissertation, you will receive an email from them listing all of the changes that need to be made before the final version is approved.

Once the final edited version of the dissertation has been approved, the library will notify you that you are ready to print. You will then print one copy for the library and any additional copies that you would like for you and your family and submit a digital pdf copy to ProQuest.

To submit the pdf to ProQuest, you will open an account with Proquest at 


The Reference Librarian Scott Hines can help you with creating a pdf from your Word document if needed and can also help you with answering questions about the Proquest submission process.

Submit the printed final copy or copies (printed one-sided on 100% cotton, acid-free, 20-22 lb paper) to Bonnie Miller along with the D-8 or PsyD-8 form (available on those doctoral program websites on Google Sites). If you would like to have additional copies bound for you and your family, please state this on the D-8, along with an indication of shipping preferences and include the appropriate amount on your check made out to Palo Alto University.

Here is an example of the paper that you can use to print your dissertation:




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