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2020/21 E & I Initiatives

  • Curriculum review to increase inclusivity: Launch of multi-year faculty initiative to develop inclusive pedagogy and classrooms, in readings, assignments, and in-class activities
  • Name/pronoun change process: Advocacy and institutional partnership of  Gender Equity and Inclusion subcommittee and Business Affairs on creation of name/pronoun change process
  • Training and professional development: Student, staff, and faculty professional development training to deconstruct power and privilege, build individual cultural consciousness, and develop equitable, inclusive interactions and classrooms
  • University-wide programming: Keynote events to name and mitigate harms experienced by people from marginalized groups, and build individual cultural awareness and responsiveness
  • Process for voicing experiences of bias: Formalizing a process for students to voice experiences of identity-based harms, with consequent action. It will be grounded in restorative justice, with a recognition that harms require naming, accountability, and amends in order for healing, and that the harm-enactor has potential for growth and evolution



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