B.S. Psychology and Social Action



Students who enter Palo Alto University’s Bachelor of Science completion program in Psychology and Social Action have 2 options for completing the program: a full-time Day program or and full-time Evening/Online program.  Please click below to see the details of each program:

Sample Day Program

Sample Evening/Online Program

Both options are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to become effective agents of social change in their personal and professional lives.  The program curriculum emphasizes psychology, the science of human behavior, the manner in which people impact others, the factors that create and promote social problems, and techniques for bringing about individual and social change.  Courses are arranged in a carefully orchestrated and coordinated manner to maximize student learning and graduating on time.  Registration in classes is always guaranteed, which means no waiting lists or being frozen out of a class.  Course schedules are arranged a year in advance, so that students can manage their schedules with work and family responsibilities.

Understanding human behavior and social problems involves not only a grasp of psychology, but also the understanding of a range of other perspectives that place these behaviors in a social, cultural, ethnic, political, and economic context.  Students will explore these perspectives in classes in the fields of:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Philosophy

Students in the Palo Alto University Bachelor degree programs study in cohorts. They enter their program with a group of 30-35 other students and complete all 2 years of their studies together. Studying in a cohort allows students to form study groups, develop relationships with professors, share and debate ideas, and develop life-long friendships.

A major component of the senior year of the Psychology and Social Action program is the senior capstone course.  The theme of this course changes every year, to reflect current trends or discoveries in the world of psychology.  The course is taught by faculty who are experts in their field and provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have obtained in the program to current psychological and social issues.  Past themes of the senior capstone class have been:

  • The Psychology of Good and Evil
  • Substance Abuse
  • Critical Issues in Adolescence
  • Community Mental Health
  • Veteran Mental Health and Social Issues

In their senior year, students in the Psychology and Social Action program complete a 9 month internship at a community agency or organization.  The internship provides students with valuable professional experience to assist with entry into a professional field or obtaining admission to a graduate program.  Click here to obtain more information about the senior internship.

For questions and more information about the Psychology and Social Action program please contact:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
Palo Alto University
(408) 864-5421

1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(800) 818-6136
(650) 433-3888 FAX