B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Action

About Palo Alto University

PAU is a private, freestanding professional school, located in Palo Alto, California since 1975. PAU brings together a community of highly talented faculty and graduate students working side by side to bring scientific rigor and theoretical knowledge to the analysis and practice of clinical psychology.

The PAU community supports varying worldviews, broad cultural and professional backgrounds, and a wide range of alternative perspectives. Acknowledging its own diversity leads PAU to train students to work in a range of settings and with a broad spectrum of clients. With a focus on high-quality advisory and support services, the program nurtures students to develop as individuals within the larger professional community. PAU is deeply committed to the integration of professional ethics with professional practice, to the education and training of students as active researchers as well as competent practitioners.

PAU students come from many different educational backgrounds, work experiences and worldviews. PAU values diversity and cultivates an environment where exchanges of perspectives between students and faculty are encouraged. The small community fosters student involvement and provides opportunities to increase networking and professional relationships.

We hope you will join us in expanding the frontiers of psychological science and practice. We believe that we make a difference for students through our programs while they are here, and that they in turn make a difference for others as they go out into the world. We would be pleased at the prospect of your attendance at Palo Alto University.

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