Diversity and Community Mental Health

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Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Area of Emphasis

Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Proficiency Track

The Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) proficiency track at PAU provides students the opportunity to develop competency in the provision of psychological services within the public mental health sector through a combination of coursework, research, and clinical training. Community mental health involves a perspective of care that addresses challenges on both an individual and systemic level, and revolves around philosophies of wellness, recovery and consultation. CMH services are often atypical of traditional clinical psychology training; community mental health care involves the consumer and family members, and is integrated with the community in collaborative interdisciplinary teams.

Not only is CMH work embedded within unique approaches to care, but it is devoted to the service of clients dealing with a unique combination of mental health problems (e.g., co-occurring disorders, chronic and serious mental illness) from diverse underserved and unserved communities (e.g., homeless, disability, LGBT, racial and linguistic ethnic minorities, indigent, elderly, rural). In addition, issues of crisis and risk management are particularly important. The DCMH track provides students with the specialized skills and knowledge to assume a variety of roles – not only as CMH clinicians, but also consultants, researchers, policy advocates, community organizers, and administrators.

Palo Alto University / California Department of Mental Health
Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Scholarship Program

Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Scholarship Program

The PAU Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Scholarship Program is sponsored by California’s Department of Mental Health through the Workforce, Educational and Training (WET) efforts of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Prop 63. The aim of the DCMH Scholarship Program is to support emerging clinical psychologists committed to working in the public mental health system. Recipients of the scholarship receive an educational tuition stipend of up to $20,772. The stipend amount awarded will depend on number of selected recipients during that year. Eligibility, Scholarship Program requirements, and Application information are detailed below.

The DCMH Scholarship program is partnered with the PGSP’s DCMH proficiency track. The DCMH track is a required component of the Scholarship Program – thus, Scholarship applicants must simultaneously apply to the DCMH proficiency track (see the above document “PAU Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Proficiency Track” for details)


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