Program Courses

Psychological Evaluation and Assessment

  • E212A
    Psychopathology & Psychodiagnosis I

    This course introduces students to the multiaxial diagnostic system of the DSM-IV. The emphasis is on understanding, identifying, and accurately diagnosing adult Axis I disorders. Descriptive psychopathology is complemented by readings on current research, theory, and treatment.

  • E212B
    Psychopathology & Psychodiagnosis II

    This course, a continuation of E212A, focuses on infancy, childhood, and adolescence, as well as Axis II disorders. Integration of the DSM-IV multiaxial system with social, genetic, biological, and cultural factors is examined.


Clinical Foundations and Clinical Field Experience

  • F213
    Clinic Practicum 2A

    This second-year placement consists of training as a therapist in the PAU Kurt and Barbara Gronowski clinic. Students gain clinical skills by conducting intakes, counseling community clients, and participating in approximately four hours of supervision per week. The supervision focuses on student presentations, videotapes, and discussion of clinical casework. Relevant theory and research are discussed.

    E212A, E212B, F201, F204, S201, passing grade on the Clinical Comprehensive Examination
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