M.S. in Psychology

Program Courses

What is the Program?

The program consists of 46 quarter units of coursework. There is no thesis requirement. These courses are taken over a two-year period during the regular academic year (i.e., no summer classes). The courses are structured so that most quarters there are only two courses running at any point in time. 
The courses in the program are the same courses as those offered to the doctoral students in the first year in PAU’s residential Ph.D. program with two exceptions (Clinical Interviewing and Introduction to Psychotherapy). The courses are didactic in nature and do not contain an applied clinical component. That is why the degree associated with the program is in psychology and not clinical psychology, even though some of the content is obviously relevant to clinical psychology.
Click here for the M.S. Psychology course schedule.
By offering the same courses as we do on campus taught by the same faculty members, we have been able to insure that the quality of instruction in the online program is very high. Data we currently have indicate that the performance of students in the online program is comparable to that of students taking the same classes on campus.
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