M.A. Counseling (Global Online Program)
(Online Low Residency)

Global Online M.A. in Counseling for Latin America

"Educate globally online, train locally on-the-ground"

En Español

Palo Alto University (PAU) has become a leader in the growing need to educate and train mental health counselors around the world.

PAU offers an innovative program called the Global Advancement of Counseling Excellence, in which students are:

  • Educated globally online (with international faculty)
  • Trained locally on-the-ground (with associated trainers)

Components of this program include:

  • A systematic distance learning curriculum that meets the highest international standards for counselor education (see www.cacrep.org)
  • Online seminars for students in South America to provide an opportunity to discuss practical ways to apply what is learned in cultural context
  • On-the-ground practicum sites in South America where PAU students can receive clinical training and supervision that meet international standards of excellence

This program is open to students in both Central and South America.

(Above Photo: Students in a classroom at the Fundación Aiglé in Buenos Aires)

If you are an interested student in Latin America please contact:

Dr. Eduardo Bunge Ph.D.
Responsible for clinical training in Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Chile and at the Institute for Child and Adolescent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Buenos Aires: http://www.etci.com.ar
Visiting Professor, Palo Alto University
Via email: ebunge@paloaltou.edu; via phone: 650-417-2015

Yamila Fadel Senn
Responsible for Latin America Student Admissions


Aiglé Foundation
If you wish to receive training at the Aiglé Foundation in Buenos Aires, directed by Dr. Héctor Fernández-Álverez.
Information: http://www.aigle.org.ar/ and fundacio@aigle.org.ar
Phone: (0054 11) 4784-3563
Please contact Beatriz Gomez: fundacion@aigle.org.ar


SAPS: Sociedad para el Avance de la Psicoterapia Centrada en el Sentido
If you wish to receive training at the SAPS Foundation in Bogotá, directed by Dr. Efrén Martinez.
Information: www.saps-col.org and info@saps-col.org
Phone: (571) 691-3800

Fundación Colectivo Aquí y Ahora
Information: http://www.colectivoaquiyahora.org and info@colectivoaquiyahora.org
Phone: (571) 618-3341

SAPS: Sociedad para el Avance de la Psicoterapia Centrada en el Sentido

Other key highlights you need to know:

Certificate & Degree:

  • M.A. in Counseling (Global) or M.S. in Clinical Psychology (Argentina)

Admission Process:

  • Admission requirements: (1) two recommendation letters, (2) University transcripts from a bachelor’s and/or master’s, and (3) strong command of the English language for verbal discussions, and written papers
  • No admission exam required


  • All theoretical courses are taught in English.
  • Local training in the specific language of the location.


1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(800) 818-6136
(650) 433-3888 FAX