M.A. Counseling Psychology


The M.A. Counseling Psychology program consists of 90 quarter-units spread over 2 years and 3 months for full-time students pursuing the MFT track, and 93 units for those pursuing the PCC track. Palo Alto University is on the quarter-unit system and follows an 11-week academic calendar for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, and an 8-week Summer Quarter. Classes will meet once per week for residential courses. The Fall Quarter begins in September and ends in December. The Winter Quarter begins in January and ends in March. The Spring Quarter begins in March and ends in June. Summer courses begin in June and end in August. Workshops and intensives are offered regularly as well. Please note that the italicized courses are typically offered online.

M.A. Counseling Psychology Course Sequence

Year 1   1st Qtr
COUN600 3 Counseling Theory
PSYS610 4.5 Life Span Development
LCNS602   *includes a California required workshop- Aging and Long Term Care
COUN601(DL) 3 Professional Identity
Year 1   2nd Qtr
CLIN615 3 Clinical Interviewing
CLIN610 4.5 Legal & Ethical Foundations
LCNS602   *Includes a workshop - Child Abuse and Reporting
ASMT600(DL) 3 Psychopathology & Psychodiagnosis I
Year 1   3rd Qtr
CLIN650 3 Community Mental Health with Cognitive and Behavioral and Brief Therapy
CLIN618 3 Family Therapy I: Family Systems Theory
ASMT601(DL) 3 Psychopathology & Psychodiagnosis II
Year 1   4th Qtr
PSYS605 3 Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
COUN630 4.5 Crisis and Trauma Counseling
CLIN612 (DL) 1 Clinical Advancement Project
Year 2   1st Qtr
CLDV601 4.5 Multicultural Counseling Theories and Techniques
PRAC603 3 Practicum I
CLIN604(DL) 4.5 Substance Abuse
Year 2   2nd Qtr
CLIN619 3

Family Therapy II: Couples Counseling

*Includes a California required workshop in Domestic Violence (15 hrs)

PRAC603 3 Practicum II
CLIN680(DL) 4.5 Psychopharmacology
Year 2   3rd Qtr
CLIN621 4.5

Group Psychotherapy

PRAC603 2 Practicum III
MTHD600(DL) 4.5 Research & Program Evaluation
Year 2   4th Qtr
CLIN622 3 Family Therapy III:  Advanced Family Therapy
PRAC603 1 Practicum IV
ASMT603(DL) 4.5 Psychological Appraisal & Assessment
Year 3   Final
CLIN634 2 Human Sexuality
COUN607 1 Capstone Project in Counseling and Psychotherapy
CLIN655  2 Special Issues in Counseling and Psychotherapy
COUN661 (DL)  4.5 Career Development Theories and Techniques 
Total 90  

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