B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Action

Admission Requirements

  • 90 quarter units or 60 semester credits successfully completed at a community college or other undergraduate institution (to transfer, courses must have been completed with a C grade or above)
    • Note: Students who are short one or two courses from this requirement may be considered for admission with the understanding that they must complete these additional quarter units during the 2 years of the P3 program and on top of their P3 course work.
  • Completion of the California State University General Education/Breadth Requirements
    • Note: Some GE credits will be accumulated during the P3 program, most notably one course in the Natural Sciences, one course in Mathematics, two courses in the Humanities and many courses in the Social Sciences. Students who are transferring from private or out of state colleges with different general education requirements should contact the PAU admissions office for more information.
  • Successful completion of a course in General Psychology, Experimental Psychology and preferably two other Psychology Courses
  • It is strongly recommended that students have taken Math courses up to the Intermediate Algebra level in preparation for a course in Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
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